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Triode PCB Design for Manufacturability:

Our company is NPI prototype is configured for rapid production bit of small batches and good stand-alone low volume surface mount production. Whether a conventional through whole technology or very complex double side SMT board, Triode printed circuit board (PCB) can, subject to material capacity and availability, produce between 1 off and 50 off in only a one or two. Our Triode printed circuit board team of expert individuals has been known to complete assembly prototype boards in less than eight hours from the time. Triode receives the components and bare (PCB) printed circuit boards. It’s very easy and flexibility to do hand loading versus machine loading is also significant, at the same times and faster, cost effective and easier to partially hand load the project.

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Just as you can get PCB (printed circuit board) fabricated on a panel sharing service, Triode Printed circuit board (PCB) also performs stencil sharing. You are paying full price for a stencil which you may use only once, we charge only your according to the what area required. This is one of the ways we keep your development costs to minimum.

The Triode Printed Circuit Board providing full PCB assembly for a single point of contact.

‚óŹ Triode PCB Group Limited ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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